Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How excitement

Interesting few days :).

Well the honeymoon is pretty much over at work as I have since been placed on another project - one to do with nursing homes and pet therapy funnily enough. So juggling between the two RA jobs keeps me quite busy :). I am enjoying it more now though. I'm a little concerned though as I am getting a lot of headaches, possibly from the computer screens.... so will see what I can do about that :(.

Kinta is being an incredibly good girl with her 'confinement' (sounds like the 15th century doesn't it!).... she *madly touches wood* has been really good with being locked in the Laundry while we are away and I dare say, soaking up all the extra attention of being inside and on the mat when mum is home :-). You can see that she is really needing a walk now though as she is driving her mum batty with her leaps and bounds and pretty much bouncing off the walls! Poor girl - another week left yet :(. Leo has been really good about it and it is quite funny to watch them interact. He has 'attempted' a few times, although he missed the bar. When Kinta was really 'tarting' up to him, Leo would just sniff with a look on his face as if to say "mmmm.... nice.... but WHAT do you want me to do!?!?!" ROFL!

Leo is also being a real eager beaver in terms of training (if this is a result of having a girl in season - i'll have one in all the time please!). He has been working superbly and at agility last night he was really good. I ran him conservatively due to his limp from the other week, so we only jumped 400 but he was doing really well..... the smaller jumps tend to slow him down though??? We had our first Novice Obedience trial on Sunday at Croydon. I was secretly hoping he would outstand me and do brilliantly as the prizes were really good - food, trophy, sash, toy/ showbag thing and money voucher for pet stock :-O! Congrats need to go out to Croydon as they really did organise a great event! It wasn't my day to succeed however and our 'winning streak' is over :-(. I was incredibly nervous before entering as I didn't know what to expect. So in we went.... Leo was super eager so that is always a plus. Heeling I thought he was miles behind but later found out otherwise.... We scored 34/40 which was great - he didn't miss any positions and I didn't walk into him at all.... I did loose my footing in a few places though. Next was SFE. I said 'yes' I was ready when I really wasn't and my head hadn't accepted that we were doing SFE. I said 'wait' as opposed to 'stay' when I left him but he shook and broke position so that was immediate fail. The recall suprised me though. Apparently when I called him I was inaudiable at the other end so Leo got up, took a few steps and then hesitated... he didn't come any further - it was as though he wasn't sure whether I called him or not! Ah well.... there is always next time and at least then i'll know what to expect!

Now for the really exciting news..... I have a new car!!!!!! Welll.... sort of! I ended up with a Holden Viva which I'm really pleased about as it has everything I want in the car as well as not being too big but having plenty of room. It doesn't drive as nice as the Astra but has more features.... not to mention around 3k cheaper. We got a reasonably good price on it too so I think we have done well. Now for the dissapointing news... coz Amanda can't shop for cars without being dissapointed :p. One is that if I wanted to get the colour I wanted - dark turquoise, i'd have to wait until JULY to get the car! So I said don't bother i'll get the dark red.... I still have to wait until JUNE for my car *sobs*! On the plus side, it gives me time to sell my car.... on the down side..... I don't wanna wait!!! LOL. Either way - i'll post piccies when the baby comes home :P. Oh and if you know of anyone that might want a Toyota Echo - pass 'em on to me!

Now to round up - what would a blog from me be without photos..... boring thats what!:

"GrrrOOOWL" I'm a Lion

soooo.... anyone wanna pat me?

Hey look..... CAT!
Methinks I am mistreated
How much more obvious do you need me to be - just PAT me!!!!

These are pics from our Easter Agility trial taken by Sal Robinson! Aren't they great?!

Tunnel dog!
Smiling away :-)

"hugs" all round

and a portrait!

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Kylie said...

Yay now we will both have pretty new cars :D

As usual love the photos