Thursday, April 12, 2007

An eventful few days

Grr - a blackout halfway through typing a blog is not exactly what I had in mind!!!!

Anyways.... whoever said that dogs lower your blood pressure clearly never owned one, or else mine are the devil incranate!

Sunday was a lovely relaxing day and I took the pleasure of exhausting the dogs ;). Took them for a run in the morning through our local parks, which they loved. Kinta is *so* motivated by stock she is feral! She will bolt off chasing ducks, rabbits, magpies.... anything that will move and she spots them way before I do! You can't stay mad at her though coz pretty much as soon as you call her she about turns and comes hooning back to you! Still... her privelidges have been reduced a little as she has decided that she doesn't need to come back *all* the time to dad. Leo did a similar thing at about her age, so i'm not too concerned, just going to control her 'freedom' a little more. Apparently, these walks are not enough exercise however and are just a warm up. Almost without fail, when we come back from a walk, the dogs must hoon around and play zoomies for a good 1/2 hour afterwards, so you can imagine what kind of a racket they make! Since I am clearly depriving my dogs of much needed exercise, we also went for a late arvo stroll around Ruffey Lake. We took King with us too, although he found the walk a little tiring and struggled up the hills! I don't think he enjoyed it as much as our two *VBG*! Leo and Kinta were as usual, hoons around the park, but they had a blast and returned home tired, wet and very happy :-).

Monday I fed the dogs a little later than usual. I wasn't aware that the parentals were gardening out the front and had left the garage door open (to the front yard) so here I come from the backyard into the garage to get their dryfood. My two are excellent in the front and will just mill around me while I get their food ready. This was too much for King who waddled off to say 'hi' to mum. Didn't overly concern me but I tried to call him back anyway.... no response of course! Mum didn't even look up so I shouted at her to grab him, but she missed as she reacted to late (lets face it, King does NOT move fast!). So off I trot to grab King who is making his way to our front door - Oh bugger I think as I see the cat (King likes to chase kittys).... quickly try to grab him but I was too late (King decided he *could* move fast!)... off Monty went into the front garden and off to our neighbours yard..... off went King into the front garden... but wait! There is a dog across the street.... so across we trot (blindly across a relatviely busy street :-O!) to say hello to the dog..... Now i'm madly yelling at King to get is ass back here, but of course he is oblivious to my calls.... where are my parents I hear you ask..... still gardening... possibly just starting to look up from all the commotion. So lady across street thinks "oh no, big scary cavvy coming to eat my SWF" so picks her dog up and doesn't even try to hold onto King (*anybody* could see he is harmless)..... So I am about to charge off after King..... I'm screaming at parents to grab hold of my two and put them in the yard.... but Kinta wants her mum and won't be caught..... so blindly follows her mum.... she then almost runs onto the road into oncoming traffic at which time I scream at her to come, which she does and I pick her up and hand her to mum. I proceed to chase King who at the same time Kinta was thinking of crossing road for the 'social party', King has decided to come back home into said oncoming traffic. Thank goodness the cars slowed down. Lo and behold this is NOT the time for Monty to re-emerge, but re-emerge he does, so King is off again up the street, me in hot persuit. Thank goodness he is not all that athletic so I was able to grab him and pick him up to come home. By this stage i'm shaking like a leaf and cursing and spitting and saying a few obscene words to King..... would never ever, ever have forgiven him if something had happened to my two! Unreasonable, I know, but then I also know that my dogs wouldn't have charged off our property in the first place and Kinta is great buddies with King so wanted to join in the fun (and also doesn't really like to come to anyone save her mum)..... Where was Leo in all this I hear you ask.... well Leo, my perfect little man, was doing as Mum taught, which was not to step ONE PAW off the grassed area. He was looking quite confused by all the stress though ;). I hate to think what may have happened had Kinta not had a brilliant recall (which sometimes is not that great when she spots other dogs)... so anyone reading this - please make sure your dogs have a great recall under ALL conditions because it can save their lives!!!! I really is important!!!!!

Aside from that - the rest of the long weekend was rather enjoyable, although I didn't quite get my wish of never having to move off the couch. Either way I was well rested and actually woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am Wed morning to get ready for work :-O! Now that is NOT normal, and definately shouldn't happen!!! Glad I woke up tired today otherwise I would have been concerned :p.

Recieved a lovely suprise in the mail yeserday - 3 weeks after sending my title cert in, I recieved Leo's new pedigree and title certificate.... so Leo is OFFICIALLY:
Ellagant Full O Mischief CCD
One down - 4 to go (incase you are wondering - we are aiming for our CD, AD, JD & HT). Not that i'm setting our hopes high or anything :P.

Also came home from agility last night and found out Kinta is in season! My little bubby is growing up! I don't know HOW we are going to cope with a super active puppy who will no longer be allowed off lead, let alone on many walks at ALL for 3 weeks..... So will be off to puppy proof the laundry (her new domain) over the next few days.... I put nothing past this dog... methinks she might be able to open cupboards so i'm not taking ANY chances (chemicals and stuff in laundry!). If she is finding it too hard to cope, off she will go for a holiday at Ana's, whose house is by far better set up for this than mine!!!

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Kylie said...

Drama, Drama, Drama!!! lol

I can understand completely the stress of having a dog run straight towards oncoming traffic. Gives you a full on heart attack. And i only had one dog to stress about at the time not three.