Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Pictorial

Firstly - HAPPY EASTER. I hope the easter bunny brought you lots of yummy choccies and you have a fab day - lets just say if either Leo or Kinta had a say in the matter - the easter bunny wouldn't have gotten home last night...... :P

I woke up this morning to a lovely puuuurring kitty :D :D!!! He hasn't given me a cuddle for SO long coz i've been so busy that it was just divine :p. I love it when he is in a 'cuddly mood' as he will snuggle right in and really get cozy :).


Pic of Leo with his 'winnings' from the Knox trial!!! Boy this dog is on fire..... but read on ;)

YES!!! You read right! Leo and I had an Agility trial again yesterday :). It was a double trial and we were entered in one agility trial and 2 jumping trials. The morning was yuk! LOL - in Agility Leo was still 1/2 asleep (or seemed to be!) despite razzing up outside of the ring - although I wasn't completely prepared as they came to my number a lot sooner than I anticipated :p. He ran straight pass a jum (Nah i'm right thanx) and messed up his weavers. Finished on a high though :p. AM jumpers was pretty good - he listened well but knocked one bar (the height is hard for him!) and refused a jump - but I was happy with that. I didn't expect to get a pass in the PM jumpers as although straightforward, there were a few niggly bits ie: call your dog OFF the tunnel straight in the line of fire and into the opposite entry.... call your dog off jumps directly infront to turn and change direction of the course :P. But he ran a DREAM and I am more proud of that than the pass! Agility feels GREAT when you run together and feel like a team, which is sometimes harder than it sounds! LOL - but Leo was brilliant and we had a very smooth CLEAR run, with a Qualie time of 25.14sec SCT - 38sec!!!!! 13 seconds below time :-O!!!! Needless to say I was jumping up and down at the end of the run which Leo thought was great *vbg*. There was no way we could have beaten first - they finished the course in 21sec!!! LOL! Lightning speed. But I am a very happy second place getter :P.
With his pretty sash (yep it is a ritual) albeit a little nekkid! Boy he is certianly giving me quite a collection :p

Meet 'King'. He is a friends cavvie that is staying with us over easter! Our house has been aptly named 'boot camp' by all relatives and friends since the dogs are actually treated as dogs here and if they don't finish their meals etc, it is taken away! LOL - no rest for the wicked :p. Lovely natured Cavvie albeit a little 'chubby' shall we say?! He had a nice bath on friday and a little 'tidy up' around the edges...... there is a reason I wasn't a dog groomer :p. But i'm sure he feels happier for it!

Backyard chasey (Leo is actually going after a squeaky)!

"Look King - it is part of the game here that we all get to chase you so c'mon - get up!"

"Sick 'em!!!!"
"Our job here is done - mission accomplished..... now what do we do?!"


Isn't she just growing up so purdy!! I have FINALLY got a good shot of the poor girl! *melts at the sight of her*.... can't belive she is 8.5mths already :-O!

"Yep - and mum says she doesn't think i'm as cute as Leo.... umm... HELLO!"

Out attempt at stacking! Isn't she lovely! Pity she turned her head at the last minute - try again shall we?

Thats Better! Although IMO she does look a little square - geez methinks handler needs a bit of practice still *vbg*. Ugh! I hate the masking on her face - it takes away from her 'prettyness' lol - pity it is on her show side :P.

Now THAT looks much nicer :) :)

"Off show" side. She is pushing being slightly A framed at the front, but still showing how she is growing up :-(.. Also looking slightly bum-high, which she isn't, but it is very hard to find level ground at our house :P.... doesn't help that we have a rampant excavator at the moment....hmmm... WHO could that be?!?!?

Leo's turn - GAWD is he nakid or what!!!! His front could be placed better, but it is a nice shot of him none-the-less...... c'mon boy - GROW some hair!!!! LOL

"Off Show" side also - see it IS the ground as Leo looks bum-high also.... haha - I wasn't lying ;-)!

Well thats it from me! Hope you enjoyed the 'pictorial'.... until next time :)

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Awwww as usual loved all of the pics. Keep em coming girl ;)