Monday, April 30, 2007

Just like riding a bike

I've been having such busy days that I can't even remember what I last posted about *vbg*! Strangely enough, my weeknights are becoming less and less filled now.... I guess that just means I have nothing really to report! LOL.

On the 'me' front - i've had a tough week of it as i've had a fairly constant headaches since Tuesday afternoon and it seems to have only cleared up today.... it was a little off and on yesterday and I'm not sure if *that* stopped because of the headache/nausea drugs :p. Went to Kylie's 'undercoverwear' party on Friday night and for some reason I had it in my head that it started at 7pm... so I rock up at 7pm and wonder why I'm the first one there.... only to find out it started at 7:30.... lol - ah well ;). I just wanted to spend more time with you Kylie! It was really good and I bought a pair of jeans and PJ's despite the fact that I really don't need to be spending money right now!

I have gone on a fitness spree finally - if only I would go back to swimming as I want to but I can't find the time ;) Maybe on one of my extra nights off I will go now ;). But since Leo seems to be coming up with injuries more than i'd like, I decided to be pro active about it and start getting him to build up the right muscles rather than just hooning. So we have starte bike-riding together. He has been really good so far and hasn't even attempted to knock me off the bike which is a plus!!! But I figured this would be a great way for the both of us (and Kinta too!) to get fit. Only problem is that I can only take one dog at a time! Either way, i'm sure we'll have fun! I'll let you know how we get on as we continue ;)

Aside from that there really is no news to tell other than on the dog front. We have had a fairly easy week this week - nothing in the way of trials and such for the next 2-3 weeks as they were all out whoop whoop. I have my first puppy assessment on Sunday which should be interesting - wish me luck! What wasn't lucky was that for the whole hour of our class it was POURING on sunday. I know I should be happy for the rain and I *am*.... but couldn't it hold off for an extra 1/2 hr! It was a pain as yesterday was our expidition to the shopping centres and of course the rain didn't start till we were already well on our way so needless to say we all got *soaked*! Leo behaved ok in the trial ring, but I wasn't really there and as a result, he wasn't really there. The funny thing is that I sometimes don't realise that I'm not really there until I sit back and wonder why his response wasn't what it should be *sigh*! I am so pleased with Kinta as she has been behaving remarkably well throughout her season despite the fact that she hasn't been on a walk for ages. Soo proud of my little girl! She is turning out just as I had hoped she would!!!

I was in a weird mood today - so here a a couple of threads from DOL:

You know you love your dog when... :P


What your dog means to you (said I was in a weird mood!)

ETA - Kinta is feeling left out coz I haven't posted up pics of her stacking for a while.... so at 9mths, my rather pathetic attempts at stacking ;)...... Photos taken by 'shoemonster':

With her front a little bit forward....

Nice expression although a little unkept ;)


Kylie said...

I loved your "what your dog means to you" thing. You wrote so beautifully, i was almost in tears lol.

How dare you go on a fitness spree :o now i will look bad next to your fit athletic body. What kind of friend are you? A real friend would go on a chocolate and junk food spree and blow up like a balloon just so i can look like the hotter friend lol.

oh well theres wishful thinking....i suppose i should just jump on the fitness train huh and let you be a good role model but im too lazy for that. Ive been meaning to get back in shape for ages and i will do it .....i just never get around to it hehe.

aussienut said...

LOL - along the lines of "please God if you can't make me thin, make all my friends fat" Hmph! I'll be the thin one ;)!

Thanks - just felt like writing about what my dogs meant to me - so write I did - glad you liked it ;)

Telma said...

Great work.