Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Some training video's

Mucking around last night and took some videos of the hounds ;)


Kinta's first lesson on 'Paw Targeting' - she has used the same object to 'nose touch' before (bad - I know - but she *did* chew my target stick!) - I missed a few 'key' clicks but thankfully the dog 'understands' her slow off the mark mum!

Who says you can't train a cat?! Monty's first lesson on targeting - what a smart kitty ;) oh - and the 'ouch' is coz we were getting a little eager to get the treat *rolls eyes*

Awww - this is so cute! Didn't take me long to teach Leo - i'll eventually 'fade out' the 'paws up' command - but I like how this is going (note the last time - the look on his face is as though to say "can I get up yet mum?!")

Pretty self explanatory - Leo catching a treat from his nose ;)

Self explanatory again - learning to 'touch' the soccer ball through the 'goals' - I think this is lesson 2 or 3...

Closing a cupboard door - only a handful of lessons on this - concept is grasped... need to work on 'force' now - lol - the wind kept blowing the door open!

Mucking around with heeling backwards:

Leo - Begging - I need to think of a new signal!

Walking between legs

Teaching Leo to spin around and back thru legs - only beginning stages

Part 2 of Leo's quoit set trick - not the best video - but we are up to the stage of the ring being further away now. Silly me kept forgetting to take it off the 'rung' - Leo was also dropping the ring a bit, which he doesn't usually do ;)

Kinta- an improvement on our fronts:

I think they are the only vids on there worth sharing ;)

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