Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bl**dy Puppies!!!!!!!

Bl**dy PUPPIES!!!!! WHO WANTS THEM icon_smile_mad.gif!!!!!

OK - My *darling* 11mth old pup - for the 6mths we have had her she has been *reasonably* good. Only a few things here and there that you would expect from a young dog. She gets plenty of exercise and interactive toys, training and such.... you name it they get it!

I had the hide to go out with my friend on Friday night.... eek1.gif a night out from the dogs - how dare I laugh.gif!

I came home to find out that while I was away, my lovely dog not only took everything from one of the drawers outside (we have a row of cupboards outside for all the dog things) and threw them over the yard (luckily nothing overly important) but also dug a hole half way to China. Here is the interesting bit- before I left for work, I MADE SURE that all the cupboards and drawers were firmly shut! I even had chairs against the cupboard doors so she couldn't get in. As always, doubt slips into your mind to think that perhaps, although it was shut, it may not have been firmly so??? You wanna know the most frustrating thing - she had an Aussie dog Tucker ball that day - and she hadn't even touched it! She usually LOVES it *sigh*

I just got off the phone with my mum - she has told me that Miss K has since broken into our garage (not a good thing, it is the ONE place we can keep stuff away from the hounds..... chemical stuff (thank goodness) are all up too high and well secured) and ripped everything apart, knocked over my dog bath, chewed on the hairdryer (was dead, I was too lazy to throw out) unplugged, ripped up blankets, dragged tins of food all over the place and pretty much had an absolute ball....

The question is *how* did she get in?! I know that I shut it this morning (at least, i'm pretty sure I did laugh.gif!)..... I made a conscious decision to shut it tight.... I just can't remember if I went back in afterward! She also broke into another cupboard that had the cats food in it, but luckily we have a greedy kitty, so she couldn't get anything out (not sure if this was shut tight, but I think so!).....

Does anyone have dogs that break into cupboards? Is it possible?! Would child locks suffice?

If anybody wants her - you are more than welcome to her!!!!

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