Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend News

Wow - talk about a busy weekend!!!! Lets see - early start Sat morning to head off to the State Agility trials at KCC park. Leo was entered in only 2 runs - Novice Agility and Novice Jumping. I didn't care about the Novice Jumping as we got our title at Sunbury, but I *really* wanted that Novice Agility pass!!! LOL! Our courses were nice and flowing so we had a chance in both. NJ - we passed with a nice time- 13 secs under, which only managed to give us 5th place!!!! Wow - those doggies were fast *g*! NA - really good run but the dratted dog knocked a bar again! LOL - then he 'refused' the last jump, but that was my fault as I was in the wrong spot and cut him off from it *oops*. Kinta came along and had some social fun - pointing out that she needs to learn manners - jumping on *everybody* that walks past is NOT polite! But the plus of the day was that she was well behaved (not a squeak from the crate etc).

We then stayed around to watch Top Dog - this is a competition with the top 10 agility and jumping dogs of the year competing in a course to see which one will go home with the title ;). A 'Storm' baby - Mallei - RT aussie was entered in jumping - so fingers were crossed for him. The way it works is that for every Qualifying place throughout the year, you earn points - you then put your points in to see if you qualify for top dog etc..... Mal ran really well and ended up coming 5th! I don't know how they do it as it would be so stressful doing it infront of a crowd etc ;)

I didn't stay for the Arvo trial and headed on to Ana's shop to wash Miss Kinta (or rather, learn how to wash her properly etc). Ben did a great job and she looked 10 times better than if I did her *vbg*. Leo, much to his displeasure also got a scrub, so I went in with two *filthy* dogs and they both came out sparkly clean ;). From there I went to Kylie's place where I was going to stop the night etc. Quickly unloaded dogs and 1/2 of my belongings (boy you take a lot when you travel with dogs *g*), set up the dogs for the night and got ready for our night out! Went into the city to meet up with some uni friends I haven't seen for AGES which was great fun! We left a little earlier though as I was tired and had an early start Sun for our dog show! LOL.

It was nice to have a lovely sleep in before the show (Kylie lives sooo close to KCC), albeit rocking up a little late (I like to get there at 8ish for a 9am start, got there at around 8:15).... that was fine.... until I found out that the show started at 8:30!!!! Eek!! So madly get Kinta ready only to find that for her first class in Junior she is up against 2 other girls :P. Also doesn't help showing when the roof is dripping and the floor is really slippery!!!!

But I was immensely proud that Kinta came first in her class but only pulled of RBCC (Marli - Ellagant Party Girl got challenge). The judge did say though that he loved both girls and couldn't decide.... later when I was walking out of the ring he said that he did really love Kinta - so that is a plus!!!! He was a movement judge which was a nice change - really getting you to run your dogs around etc. He then later awarded Logan (leo's brother) RU BIG and Hondo (Marli's brother) Puppy in Group - so he liked the Aussies!!!!

Aside from that nothing much else - went back to Kylies after the show to chill out and watch a couple of movies. Came home to watch Greys Anatomy and *finally* pick up my long awaited copy of HARRY POTTER! So I am now sitting like I have ants in my pants desperately wanting to read it rather than work!!!!

Ok - I have been told that there are issues with loading my page - can ppl who read this get back to me please and tell me whether it loads easy or it is taking longer to load etc... i'm going to try and take down some pics etc.... but if you can keep me updated on this that would be great :D :D. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Page loaded fine mate....quick as always!

Isn't Leo so clever....with a time like that!!! And Kinta is lovely....

Now go get reading.....!!!

Amanda O. said...

Sounds like a fun weekend all around! The girls express their sympathy on the dreaded b-a-t-h! Have fun reading!!! ;-)

Oh... I've never had trouble with the pg except when the videos are loaded but that's because I live in dial-up dino land! One thing I was told can reduce loading time is to reduce how many posts are "shown" when you click on the blog but you don't have a horrible lot of them so no clue what's up!