Monday, July 16, 2007


Hmm... racks brains to try and think of something to say.......

Oh- I know! Photos!!!!

Leo with his Jumping title sash and Sunbury 'goodies'.

I just *love* this pic - such a stunning expression on his face ;)

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Can we look any more disgruntled, annoyed or wet *vbg* - She looks like a drowned rat (and i'm sure she wishes she wasn't born to be a show dog ;) )

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Latest stacked pic of Leo at 3yrs old!
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There really is not much news to tell! I have had a pretty quiet week - still deciding whether or not to pull my finger out and start seriously training for open!!! I've been so lazy! I have been trying (sometimes in vain) to keep the dogs quiet as Leo was lame last week. Decided to take him to the chiro on Fri and he had his wrist out of joint - it was apparently all inflamed too, so Leo is on 'fish oil' at the moment to try and reduce that and it is healing nicely (despite the fact that he thinks it is all better now and he *can* go back to 'kangaroo boxing' with Kinta!). State agility trials are on Saturday coming, so that should be good - I am pretty keen to watch 'top dogs', but don't know if i'll have time etc. I've also got to find out where/ how i'm going to get HP #7 on Sat considering i'm at a trial! But I need it/want it/ MUST have it! LOL - i'm so excited about what will happen next (so long as they don't kill off someone too important!).

Did a run through with both doggies in the trial ring on Sunday - Leo is coming along nicely (minus the jumping which we didn't do) so only need to fix up a few 'handler' errors. We have also been slowly building up to the out of sight stays, and Leo quite happily held a 4-5min sit stay with me in sight yesterday (but I was turned away etc).... So I am happy with his progress :). Kinta did well, but I feel a little 'brain fried' after a rather hectic obedience class. Can someone please tell me *why* you would heel all dogs into each other to pass in a messy circle, when they are inexperienced handlers and almost every time they do that there is at least a couple of dogs 'over reacting'!!! Not a good move! I didn't stay that long in class as the dogs K was next to were quite exuberant and thus reacting to each other, which was putting me and K on edge.... but her performance is excellent otherwise (also, given the lack of training!)..... As for her go in the trial ring - well.... I made the same mistake I did with Leo whereby I look at her *slaps self on hand* so was not walking straight.... when I was not looking at her she heeled beautifully :). Still working on left and left - about turns :).

Saw Harry Potter and the order or phoenix on Sat night - I recommend it. they didn't 'bastardise' the book, kept it quick and flowing although as expected they did leave out the explanations etc. They didn't really explain what the 'order' was and a few other things, but it didn't take away from the whole flow of the movie etc - I still found it enjoyable etc! Other than that i've been having a quiet weekend, nursing my aching fingers (really bad chillblains) and pretty much just relaxing. Was nice to curl up with a doona on the couch yesterday and watch some DVD's!

Amanda O - hope you are feeling better - I was wondering where my competition went on Sat :).

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